Things I never thought I would be doing at work

I have an interesting job. I mean, I work at a university and I help design and build and run online classes, but the day-to-day tasks I have don’t seem typical. 

For example, in the last couple months I have done the following:

  • Scoured high resolution pictures from NASA to try to find the “hermit crab” on Mars
  • Pretended to be an employer for an Australian airline in a mock job interview
  • Prompted “actors” with their lines about calculating gravity and centripetal force 
  • Researched how to create a visual tour of Outback Australia and big city Australia to help people understand the differences between rural medicine and city medicine in the Austalian healthcare system
  • Conversed with students on discussion forums dedicated to people learning English
  • Wrote fake essays to help people test assessments
  • Created attribution tables to cite images used in videos that are Creative Commons 
  • Talked about the drawbacks of tables in code and discussed alternatives
  • Reviewed ethics application procedures 
  • Watched someone drop a stuffed bunny with a parachute attached from a cherry picker
  • Helped someone take video of a book being dropped in the grass
  • Copy-pasted the same lines of code over and over to fix a problem in a course
  • Skyped with someone in the US about how to handle and prepare for trolls in courses

I guess it’s nice to be doing something different every day. 



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