Just a list

It’s a brand new year. Time for new goals, which means making some sort of attempt to update this thing occasionally.  No guarantees. I’ve downloaded the WordPress app to my phone so I can write on the train in the way home. 

  • I’ve been back at work this entire week after only 10 days off (25 December – 3 January). The true disappointment of Christmas was that we didn’t get to the beach at all. The weather just didn’t cooperate. There was rain, cool weather and wind. There’s nothing fun about going to the beach when it’s windy. All that sand pelting you can be quite annoying and frustrating. This weekend is looking good for the beach though, so we will cross our fingers for sun and 30 degrees. 
  • This week I was reminded of this piece of writing, and it was a good reminder. 
  • I don’t gamble, but this week I couldn’t stop laughing about the fact that two of my office colleagues and I created a syndicate and bought Powerball tickets. The idea of a syndicate….like we’re organised crime or something….kept me entertained. We did not win. 
  • We went to Korea in October. It was gorgeous and fun and interesting and a great holiday.               
  • This is the last train station on my commute to work.  
  • In this new year I’m trying to read a poem a day, listen to more podcasts on the way to work (Limetown, Serial season 2, As It Happens, Love and Radio, Lore) and drink more good coffee. 
  • We are also contemplating buying a house and getting out of our neighbourhood. It’s getting worse and more units are going in behind us. I’m lucky I work all day so I don’t hear the crazy, but poor Dan isn’t as lucky. 

Here’s to hoping for more than one post this year. 



One thought on “Just a list

  1. Greetings from your Hawkeye book club! It was such a moment of joy to see your subject line in my inbox this morning. I appreciate living vicariously through the photos of your trip to Korea. It sounds as though you are well settled in your Aussie life. Best wishes for 2016! – Jan Dellinger

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