Everything good on tv is aired on Monday morning

Today at lunch one of my coworkers lamented the fact that all major television events are shown on Monday mornings while we are at work. She was referring to the fact that here in Australia we (currently) live somewhere around 15 hours ahead of the US, and, therefore, shows like the Oscars or the Super Bowl are aired on “free-to-air” tv while we are at work.  She was referring more to award shows than sporting events, but for me it’s more about sport than about what a celebrity is wearing.

And that’s why we have a dvr.

Kudos to Dan for practicing good self-control when it comes to watching these events (pretty much Packer games). During football season, Dan sets the dvr to record the two games that are broadcast on Monday morning starting at 3am and 6am, and most of the time we watch a game sometime during the week or we save them until Sunday afternoon.

Recording tv is good because we can skip all the commercials, down time because of injuries or colour commentary. And tonight we are watching the Super Bowl, but I should note that we are fast forwarding through the commercials because they are showing Aussie commercials for Holdens and Woolies and bad Aussie reality shows instead of the traditional Super Bowl commercials.

(Please note that Dan just indicated that he said it would be okay for me to interview him for this “story”.)

Dan: I’m here so I don’t get fined.

Me: What?

Dan: I’m here so I don’t get fined.

Me: ???

Dan: Anyone who follows the NFL would know what I mean.

Me: ???

Dan: That’s what Marshawn Lynch has been saying all week in his press conferences.

Me: Okay.

Dan: You all know why I’m here.

Me: Apparently this so-called interview is pretty much you quoting Lynch?

Dan: Maybe I’m not a good interview.

Me: I’m going to fine you.

Dan: Well, if you want to go with international flavour, you could say that Sir Paul McCartney is there.

Me: Great.

It’s just a barrel of laughs here at the Finn household.

Dan: (blah blah blah suggested revisions to my writing blah blah blah)

Me: (audible eye roll)

Dan: I’m going to have popcorn now.

Me: Wonderful. Anything else you want to say?

Dan: (mouth full of popcorn) No.

Aside from this delightful exchange, nothing much is going on around here. It’s summer. It’s been hot, so we’ve had the air on a bit and have hit the beach on Sunday afternoons after church. Work has been too busy as I begin prepping not one but two new courses for the year as well as helping out on a couple others.

I go to meetings, I ride the train, I ride the bus, I use my umbrella when there’s a downpour, I swim in our friends’ new pool, I bake desserts twice a week to bring to our friends’ house on Friday nights and to bring to church on Sundays, I do laundry and hang it out on the line, I shut the windows when my neighbour’s dog starts barking after being left in the garage when they leave the house, and I look at your pictures online of snowstorms and winter and late starts and I realise that I’m quite happy to be here in Australia even though I’m currently watching the Super Bowl hours after it finished and I already know who won.


PS – I’m doing the photo-a-day challenge for the year over on Instagram if you want to see my pictures.


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