I really like my commute in the morning. Yes, it takes just over an hour for me to get to work and sometimes the train or the bus is crowded and sometimes I end up running down the street to catch my bus, but overall I like it. Even on those days when it takes me 2 and a half hours to get home because of electrical problems on the line at Carseldine or when I hear an announcement about the evacuation of the central office and end up sitting at Central Station for an extra 5 minutes. I can read or check email or chat with friends online or just stare out the window at all of the suburbs I fly by.

One of my favourite things to do, however, is watch the people on the train. And I have a couple regulars I keep tabs on.

1. Cop and wife

When I catch the train at Dakabin, the cop and his wife are always in the carriage I choose. They sit close together and chat occasionally. She texts or reads and he reads legal documents or stares out the window. She gets off at Fortitude Valley and he usually gets off at Central.

2. Sleepy Guy

This guy cracks me up. When I get on the train, he’s already asleep. Some days his head bobs up and down and other days, like today, he sleeps soundly without a movement at all. I figure he must have some kind of narcolepsy or other medical issue that causes him to fall asleep as soon as he sits down on the train. The other day he bobbed up and down for 40 minutes, but when we got to Central he was sound asleep. It was a good thing we were stopped at the station for an extra minute because all of a sudden his head shot up, he looked out the window, realised where we were, grabbed his bag, and rushed out the door just as the doors were about to close on him. Now I’m prepared to wake him at Central in case he doesn’t wake himself up.

3. Kids in straw hats

There are lots of kids who ride the train or bus to get to school, but there are a couple schools that must require their students to wear straw brimmed hats. I feel like I’m in some kind of old-timey film whenever I see one of these kids wearing the hat and uniform. It would be more convincing if they weren’t texting or listening to music on their phones, but it still makes me smile.

I also like that when I get off the bus at uni I can walk to the coffee cart, order a large flat white, and walk the couple hundred metres to my office to start the morning.