SOLSC Day Thirty One – Things to do


Another month of slicing has come to an end. It’s been lovely getting to know a whole new group of bloggers (my Feedly list of slicers has tripled and now I have a whole bunch of excellent blogs to read), and it’s been great motivation to write more frequently here. I tend to forget that writing about daily life can be interesting, introspective, and important. Slicing again this year has been a great reminder.

Now that slicing is over, I should tackle my to-do list:

  1. Update cv so I can start applying for jobs here – getting that permanent visa made this possible
  2. Make birthday cards and Easter cards
  3. Send snail mail to friends back home just to let them know I haven’t forgotten about them
  4. Finish/start the puzzle – for some reason, I decided to start working on a 2000 piece puzzle that I picked up at Salvos. Buying a puzzle from a thrift store does not guarantee that every piece will be present. So far I’ve gotten all of the edge pieces done. Only 1950 pieces to go!IMG_4131
  5. Proof and send out my “reading drafts” survey for my quality faculty plan. Interested in filling it out? Check it out here and share your responses.
  6. Do laundry! The sun is shining today and should also be out tomorrow, so I should be able to get all my laundry done this week.
  7. Write out my lesson plan for my homeschool English class
  8. Clean my office
  9. Return some books to the library and pick up one I have on reserve
  10. Go to the gym (aka The James)
  11. Finish up sending all my tax stuff to my accountant back in the States – at least I have until June to file!
  12. Have a nice day!
    Thanks, Jack.

    Thanks, Jack.



2 thoughts on “SOLSC Day Thirty One – Things to do

  1. You have a lot to do! Don’t you just love crossing things off of your list? I sometimes make a list just so I can cross them off! 🙂 Have a wonderful day!!!

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