SOLSC Day Twenty Six – Trying to Call

sliceoflifeiconI’ve been trying to call my brother all week because I want to chat with him about the possibility of him visiting me sometime this year, but getting a hold of him has been difficult. Not only do I have to deal with the time difference (he’s 14 hours behind me) but I also have to deal with his ridiculous work schedule. My brother is a chef in NYC and works the most insane hours. He’s at work by 7:30am most days and doesn’t get done until 9-10pm. Therefore, I can call after 9pm his time, which is 11am my time. But really, who wants to talk on the phone after you’ve worked that long?

This morning, I got some work done and then began calling. But I still haven’t reached him.

After trying 5 times, I realised that I was beginning to feel like a stalker.

Pick up phone, enter in Brisbane phone number.

Wait for the “Welcome to Aussie Phone Cards! Please enter your code.”

Enter in a 14 digit code that I probably have memorised at this point.

Wait for the “Your balance is $11.08. You have 9 hours of talk time remaining.”

Enter in the international code, country code, area code, phone number, and pound sign.

Wait for the connection.

Listen for the ring.

Hear “Hi, I can’t reach my phone right now” message.

Leave a “Hey, it’s just me. I’ll try calling back in some minutes” message.


What I wouldn’t give to hop on a plane today and make the long trek to NYC to spend a week with my brother like I did last spring.



2 thoughts on “SOLSC Day Twenty Six – Trying to Call

  1. It is so hard to stay in touch when different time zones are at play. I have a good friend in Israel who I try to keep in touch with. We have to use What’s App just to coordinate our Skype and phone calls. Craziness!

    Hope you can get to NYC for another visit.

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