SOLSC Day Twenty Five – Stumped



I feel like I didn’t do anything today. Okay. I did so some things. I went to the gym and watched two episodes of Veronica Mars while I worked out, I got some groceries, I graded some things, I made a list of what I need to do this week. When it’s dark and rainy, it’s hard to be motivated for anything.

So what to write about? I have an hour before I have to go teach, so this is the only time I can do it. <eat some liquorice, take a drink of cold coffee> So as I sat here trying to come up with a blog post topic, I did what most would do: I googled “blog post idea.” The result was a link to a blog post generator. Okay. Let’s see what it tells me.


Um, okay. Definitely not going to work. Let’s try another one.


The future of a tv show that was on when I was a child? Well, it had no future. That doesn’t give me much.


I just want to state for the record that I have nothing against Sean Penn.


Yes, The Cranberries really gets me so irate……um, no.


Those pitas and their pockets and their doughy goodness….I just can’t deal with them!

Where do ideas come from? The inspiration? The plan?

A slice is a small piece of the whole, a tidbit, a snapshot. I will not find the answer by googling for a topic. I has to be about me, and it can be about the frustration of coming up with that idea and deciding what is good enough (for me) to put out here for you to see.

Today I think I’ve forgotten to zero in on something small, to place the focus of my writing on that one feeling or that one moment. Note to self: tomorrow see the small.



One thought on “SOLSC Day Twenty Five – Stumped

  1. This is really funny. But now I’m wondering. Poor Punky. What happens to her? I did a lot today and tried to stop a couple of times to think like a writer, but I couldn’t see doing anything with it. Yesterday I saw a coyote in the open space, so I put him in a very short piece about the emptiness of suburbia. I have been stretching to avoid writing an I don’t know what to write post, But you have written a really good one. Bravo!

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