SOLSC Day Twenty One – Last Days


Mooloolaba Spit

Mooloolaba Spit

It’s always a surprise to me just how much a beach can change from day to day. We visited Mooloolaba on Monday, and the waves were calm, the tide was out, and the sun was hot. Today the waves crashed hard and the tide was in. Off to the south, we could see dark skies and clouds indicating a chance of rain.

Living near the ocean is so confusing for someone who has lived an entire life in the middle of a country. The weather can change suddenly, rain will fall for 2 minutes followed by blue skies and a hot sun, and I can drive through a downpour only to come out on the other side and find calm waves and a sweet ocean breeze.

I love the saltiness of the ocean and the way it makes my hair spring up into tight curls, it’s ever shifting shades of blue and turquoise and green, the sound it makes as the waves break close to shore in close succession, the gentle ripples it makes in the sand on the beach and the treasures it leaves behind.

Today I spent twenty minutes floating, staring up at the sky, letting the tide wash me in and out and over cresting waves.



3 thoughts on “SOLSC Day Twenty One – Last Days

  1. I love the ocean too, and have been lucky enough to spend long times on one, not just a couple of days, but I still don’t know it all as you described. I live in Colorado by the Rockies, & know the mountain changes. I really enjoyed your description here!

  2. I love that last sentence about spending 20 minutes floating on your back in the ocean. My dream! If we ever get there to visit….I want to do it with you! I love your writing and have just returned to checking your blog. Lynn and I have been at her place here on Hilton Head Island island all week. Too cold to swim but not to chill!

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