SOLSC Day Eighteen – Feeding Kangaroos


There are some places I’ve wanted to visit since moving here 9 months ago that we’ve been saving to visit until our families and friends come. The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary was one of those places. It’s located just south west of the CBD in an almost residential location, and it houses 130  koalas and hundreds of other Australian animals.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but I wasn’t disappointed. We saw Tasmanian devils, platypus, both giant and small lizards, snakes I wouldn’t want to discover in my backyard, native birds, emus and cassowary, wombats, and dingos. And because there are so many koalas around, the place smells more like a giant cough drop than a zoo (koalas eat eucalyptus, of course).

The highlight of the visit for me was getting the chance to feed kangaroos. We entered a fenced in field and headed up some rolling hills to the shade where the kangaroos were lazing about. We had purchased “roo food” at the store in the park to give them. You could walk up to a mob of kangaroos, open your hand, and they would approach and immediately begin eating. Their front teeth would graze your palm and their tongues would leave a sloppy mess behind. Occasionally, a kangaroo would go hopping by or a different breed of kangaroo would approach, but they weren’t threatening at all. It was absolutely strange to me to be that close to the animals. Even the koalas weren’t behind glass but out in the open for all to observe.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law had their picture taken with a koala, and we were able to see mother koalas with their joeys (I didn’t realise that all of these animals had babies named joeys – Tasmanian devils included). It was definitely a trip I would take again when more friends come to visit.



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