SOLSC Day Sixteen – Spring Break!

sliceoflifeiconSpring break has officially started for my students, which means that they are off doing fun things like singing with their choirs in Florida, doing mission trips in California, and taking a trip with the family to Mexico. The others who aren’t leaving home are probably just happy to sleep in.

When I was in high school and college, spring break for me usually entailed a trip to Arizona with my family to swim in the pool, walk to the market, and stress about travel arrangements. But it was always welcome.

Technically it’s autumn here. The heat of summer is winding down. There’s a thick humidity in the air today and storms forecast for tonight. The nights have been a bit cooler and the days warm but not hot.

Today I sat in my hammock with a book watching dragonflies and butterflies float through the backyard. This week I’ll use my spring break for grading journals and annotated bibliographies. Only one more week of our visitors and then back to the regular pace of life in paradise.



3 thoughts on “SOLSC Day Sixteen – Spring Break!

  1. Watching dragonflies
    and butterflies float
    and closing my eyes
    in the heat of the day
    as I await the cool of the night,
    I can only imagine what you must think
    there on the other side of your world
    where snow still covers the ground
    and the only thing floating today
    are words on the page
    and snowflakes in the air.

    PS — doing some line lifting for poems, and feeling jealous of your warm days on your side of the world.

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