SOLSC Day Fifteen – Just keep breathing


Today while on a long morning walk through a new neighbourhood, I met a man named Howard. He was dressed in long pants and a pressed cotton button down shirt. He may have had a bit of breakfast on his face – I assume he had had eggs – and he carried a cane but didn’t appear unsteady. He told me that he was currently 99 years old but will be 100 by the end of the year.

Howard spent the first 95 years of his life in Toowoomba, a city west of Brisbane. He gardened, grew vegetables, and played pool with friends. But now he lives alone in his house (his wife died 4 years ago) and one of his sons checks on him every other day.

He still drives and has just discovered a pool hall that he can go to in Strathpine once a week to play with some new friends. He wouldn’t mind if we came back to visit him sometime, just to chat.

His trick for long life is to “just keep breathing.” “That’ worked for me so far,” he said.



5 thoughts on “SOLSC Day Fifteen – Just keep breathing

  1. I just love the wisdom of older people. That put all the ‘stuff’ we worry about into perspective. Looks like you have made a lovely new friend. I’m jealous. Imagine the stories he has to tell, not to mention the new ones he will have from the pool room. Such a lovely story.

  2. You never know what words of wisdom you will get from someone who has lived that long. It sounds like a valuable walk today. You made me smile.

  3. I love talking to elderly people. They’ve seen and experienced so much. Listening to their stories, I feel like I’m soaking up wisdom. Glad you had the opportunity to meet him!

  4. Lovely, Carrie! Ditto’s on the wonderful stories you are going to hear! You probably could write a whole book!

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