SOLSC Day Fourteen – When it rains


I could see the disappointment on my husband’s face as we got closer to the beach. We had driven through everything from blue skies and sunshine to pouring rain, and now as we were getting nearer to Caloundra, the grey clouds were getting thicker and the smell of rain stronger.

As we pulled into the car park at Dicky Beach, the rain started again. We grabbed our bags from the boot of the car and headed for a shelter and picnic table. “So….should we wait it out? It usually doesn’t rain that long.” he asked of us.

His father replied, “Of course! Run across the street and buy a back of cards, and we’ll sit here and play gin until the rain stops.”

So Dan ran across the street, bought a deck, and returned. We made it through 5 or 6 hands before the rain let up.

And we were greeted with the best type of beach day – the sun wasn’t too hot, the wind wasn’t too strong, and the waves had just the right amount of roll and crash.


The shipwreck at Dicky Beach

The shipwreck at Dicky Beach


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