SOLSC Day Thirteen – 5 Things


  1. It’s completely okay to pay $15 for parking in the CBD when you spend 4 hours walking around and enjoying the river walk. It’s even better when the day is the right combination of warm and cool, sun and shade.
  2. Streets Beach always surprises me no matter how many times I’ve seen it. I love the idea of someone working in the CBD and walking to the beach for a quick swim during lunch.

    Streets Beach

    Streets Beach

  3. Having lunch in the food court at QUT (Queensland University of Technology) made me miss being surrounded by college students every day. But it also made me feel old.
  4. No one wanted to go to the museum with me. I mentioned it as an option multiple times, but Dan’s family aren’t museum people. It’s even free to go, and free just wasn’t motivation. I had to be content with the views of the river, the giant wheel, the Nepalese pagoda, and people watching instead. It was too nice out to be inside.

    Nepalese Pagoda and the Wheel

    Nepalese Pagoda and the Wheel


    Under the bougainvillea



One thought on “SOLSC Day Thirteen – 5 Things

  1. Wonderful pictures to look at after an icy drive to work this morning and a snow day yesterday! Thanks for brightening my day!

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