SOLSC Day Twelve – Good Fences


I’ve written before here about my neighbourhood and my neighbours, but for the most part it’s quiet. I mean, there’s the occasional “I’m going to blast Neil Diamond for the next two hours” from the guy down the street, but that happens between the hours of 10am and noon, so it’s not terrible. And I happen to like Neil Diamond, for the most part. Or I hear the various mums on our street yelling at their children – there’s a lot of counting that goes on on our block: “Bella! Get over here! 1…….2……..2 and a half………Bella!”

Last night, however, did not start out that quiet.

We live next door to a grouping of apartments. For the most part, the people who live in those apartments are friendly and fine. But there’s one apartment that creates problems for all of the other units: #8. Yes, this is the apartment of the “outdoor shower” and the regular visits by detectives and the woman using a garden hose to water all of the trees in our yard from her side of the fence and the very drunk man urinating on the side of the unit. And last night loud music and heaps of 20 somethings were added to that list.

The woman who had been causing most of the difficulty for the building has been absent for the past couple months. I have a feeling she’s in jail. Therefore, her daughter has been in the unit with her small child and what I assume are her two brothers. Last night they decided to throw a party. The party began around 5pm and involved loud and rather offensive music. We left at 7pm to go to church and were back by 9pm. The music was still going and had been turned up. We sat on the patio playing cards for about an hour before it just got to be ridiculous. Cars kept pulling up, young people kept getting out, and the music kept playing.

At 10pm we decided that we had to call 000 to make a noise complaint.

And I know from experience what usually happens in those situations. You call it in, and just before the police arrive the people turn the music down. It almost happened that way. We called it in and in the next couple minutes they shut their front door so the music was muffled. But then someone opened the door and the music blasted back out. That’s when the police arrived. I can only assume that they simply told the unit to turn the music down.

I feel bad for the people who live on either side of this apartment. It would be difficult to try to put kids down to sleep on a Wednesday night with loud music and loud talking coming from the unit next door. But at the same time, I feel like a crabby adult complaining about the noise and the disruption to the middle of my week, as if it’s my fault that I have a problem with the noise.

No matter. It’s a new day, the sun is up, and the street is quiet.



2 thoughts on “SOLSC Day Twelve – Good Fences

  1. Or I hear the various mums on our street yelling at their children – there’s a lot of counting that goes on on our block: “Bella! Get over here! 1…….2……..2 and a half………Bella!” I love this quote… I guess moms sound the same regardless of what continent they live on. 🙂

  2. Ugh! I feel your pain. One night last Summer our neighbour’s sons had a party while the parents were out of town. I saw all the cars pulling up and I just knew we were going to be up all night! Thankfully, it ended up being a quiet night. If we closed our window, we couldn’t hear them at all!

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