SOLSC Day Ten – Rain and Andy Warhol


Today we took our in-laws north to Noosa, a busy little beach town about an hour and a half north of where we live in the northern suburbs. The sky was threatening rain most of the day, but it held off until we were halfway through our hike at Noosa. We walked along Sunshine Beach (sans sunshine), watched the crabs scuttle into their holes as we approached, walked in the water, and marveled at the waves crashing onto each other. We were also treated to hundreds of surfers catching waves off of Dolphin Point and at Tea Tree Bay. Rain is good for some things.

No sun at Sunshine Beach

No sun at Sunshine Beach

When we arrived home, my father-in-law suggested we play some cards on the back patio. So I hunted for a deck of cards in the house. I knew I had brought one deck with me, but I was hoping I could find a regular pack somewhere. No luck. So we had to play with this deck I had picked up a couple years ago at the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA.


Her majesties, the Queen of England and Jackie O.

Oh, Andy Warhol, whoever took your artwork and put it on a deck of playing cards was definitely not thinking of me using these cards to play gin with the in-laws. From the second the game began, it became more of a game of figuring out what suit and what number the card was than strategy. Never have I had to point out so many times during a game that someone’s run was miss-suited. Still, despite the griping about deciphering the cards, the three hours of playing was filled with laughter and joking and teasing. It was the perfect end to a perfect day. Rain and Andy Warhol and all.



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