SOLSC Day Three – Baby Sea Turtles

sliceoflifeiconToday is Monday, so, of course, we went to the beach. We tried Kawana first, but the beach was closed to swimming because of rip tides. So we headed a bit further south to Dicky Beach. We frequent this beach because it has good surf, and we can always get parking in the shade.

We put down our beach blanket, and I proceeded to open a book while Dan got in the water. The clouds were big and shaded me from the sun a bit, which was nice because at times it could be a little uncomfortable.

I tried reading for a while, but the book I had with me today just wasn’t capturing my interest. I looked up from the book and noticed that the couple that had been on the blanket about 20 yards away had now joined two women and a man near the shoreline. They had a clear, plastic bucket and cameras. Something was going on.

I got up from the blanket to investigate, and what I found were 4 baby sea turtles that were being released into the ocean. They were small, black, and paddled awkwardly once they reached the water. I watched one swirl around and travel about 4 feet back up the beach as the tide moved in. But then the turtle found his way and disappeared into the surf.

I talked to one of the women for a while. She worked for the Sunshine Coast Council and had been called to the beach because the man in the group had discovered the sea turtles trapped in the creek that flows into the ocean. She told me that last night there had been over a hundred baby turtles hatching and making their way down to the water. These 4 had gotten lost on their way. She noted that it was important to put them in the ocean as soon as possible; the gulls were gathering, and she didn’t want them taken. She also mentioned that there were another hundred eggs set to hatch any day now.

Every time I go to the beach, I’m amazed not only that I live in a place like this but at what I find there. Today it was turtles. Next week, who knows?



Dicky Beach



4 thoughts on “SOLSC Day Three – Baby Sea Turtles

  1. Oh my, you created such a lovely beachy scene – and the turtles just added to an air of the exotic. Sitting in snow bound New Jersey, I am rather envious!

  2. I love how you described that. I could picture the turtles ‘swirling’ around in the water. It sounds like a perfect day! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a lucky lady! What a lovely view and a wonderful story. Sometimes small kindnesses make a big impact on your day/week/life…just reading your story made me happier. 🙂

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