The start of March means….

the start of the Slice of Life Story Challenge!Slice of Life Story Challenge!

Some years ago I first participated in this challenge. The challenge requires that participants post to their blog every day during the month of March and then share a link to those posts on the Two Writing Teachers blog. I think I participated for two years in a row a couple years back. I can remember one day I was traveling to Minnesota so I found myself sitting in my car, using someone’s wifi, in order to make sure that I got my “slice” in for the day. It was hard some days, but I stuck with it.

Through this challenge, I ended up connecting with my lovely friend, Elizabeth, who writes HERE and HERE. She even graciously hosted me and another friend when we were out in California doing research on Japanese internment during World War II. Well, my friend was doing the research; I was just tagging along to explore parts of the country I hadn’t been to before and  helping her look through yearbooks from the internment camps at the Japanese American National Museum in LA. It was an amazing trip and getting to meet Elizabeth was definitely a highlight!

I’ve decided I’m up for the challenge again this year, so on March 1st be prepared for 31 days of posting. I think I may need to brainstorm some ideas now so that I’m ready to write.



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