Catching Up

Obviously, I’ve been avoiding posting here for the past couple weeks, but not because I didn’t have anything to say. We’ve been busy with the holiday and a wedding.

Therefore: 4 photos to sum up the past two weeks.

  • I’ve spent the past couple weeks getting ready for the new semester – writing syllabi, completely revising my courses (as usual), creating a visual syllabus, planning the first week
  • On New Year’s Eve we went to a church member’s home for festivities. These festivities involved sparklers. Two days later, we bought a couple dozen sparklers because, seriously, sparklers are awesome. We’re instituting Sparkler Tuesday, which will involve me and Dan in the backyard with a box of sparklers. I plan to dance around while waving the sparklers in the air.
  • We still continue to visit the beach on Mondays. For the past couple Mondays we’ve been at Kawana because no one ever goes there. I don’t know why. It could be because there’s a sign that says, “Beware of Snakes.”
  • This Monday (yesterday), we went to Dicky Beach – the beach with the shipwreck on it – it was warm, there were lots of people there but not too many, and the waves were big. Dan loved it.
  • We’ve been barbecuing quite a bit lately. I doctor up some chicken with sweet chili sauce, Dan works the barbecue, and then we enjoy our dinner while watching old episodes of Star Trek: Next Generation. I feel a bit nerdy admitting to the whole STNG thing, but, hey, whatever.
  • Light boxes – every single signal box is painted in Brisbane and the suburbs. I need to take pictures of every one I see. You can read about the project here.



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