Weather on the 31st of December

I suppose I should feel somewhat bad about this.

Weather on the 31st

Weather on the 31st

Yes, I regularly consult the weather in Waterloo and Madison just to see how my friends and family are faring. I like to view it in both Celsius and Fahrenheit because when I tell someone here what the weather would be like it I was still in Iowa, they like to hear it in Celsius. So when I mentioned to someone that it was -27 in Waterloo, they were horrified. That number doesn’t make sense to people here. And, honestly, it probably didn’t make much sense to those of you experiencing the -17 and worse on those days.

I feel for you, really, I do. Especially since we were sweltering in 95+ degree heat later that week.

It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity. It’s not the cold; it’s the windchill. Right?



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