Christmas Morning

The view on Christmas morning

The view on Christmas morning

Every Sunday we drive by this view on our way to church, and every Sunday I think, “We should stop so I can take a picture.” On Christmas morning, I had Dan stop at the scenic outlook overlooking the subdivision and the hills. The view wasn’t nearly as lovely as it usually is. There were more clouds than usual and it was a bit hazy, but it’s lovely nevertheless. Whenever I see this view, I’m reminded that there are hills surrounding our suburb. And because there was no snow and no windchill, it made for a rather disorienting Christmas for me.

I don’t usually get that excited about Christmas. (Lent has always been my favourite “holiday” season.) Perhaps it’s because the semester is always finishing around Christmas, and I’m always so focused on getting those final papers graded and grades submitted on time. Or perhaps it’s because of how busy the Christmas season tends to get. This year was even harder, however, because of the climate. Despite my bah-humbug and Scrooge-like attitude, it was a wonderful Christmas with our new Australian friends in our new locale. The children’s service was fantastic, our live nativity was fun, singing carols at the nursing home made for a special time, and playing some of my favourite songs on the piano for the Christmas day service all reminded me that it’s okay to like Christmas not because of the presents you get but because of the presence of those I spend my days with and what we are doing together.

Happy Christmas to you all!


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