Boxing Day

On Boxing Day, we drove to Toowoomba for lunch with some friends from church and their extended family. I’ve visited Toowoomba before, and it really is a lovely drive once you get past the city and out into the country. The farm fields remind me a bit of Iowa, actually.

Boxing Day involved eating some wonderful foods (pavlova – yum!), singing some Christmas songs, chatting with new friends, and pulling crackers so we could all wear our crowns, read the jokes inside, and laugh at the silly toys that were in the crackers. As I recall, Dan got a little, pink hair bauble – one that a 5 year old girl might enjoy.

On the way home we avoided the city altogether and took the very scenic route. We stopped at a river just to take a break and watch the sun set a bit. The highlight, however, of our drive home was the Random Breath Test we were stopped for as we drove through a small town. People have been talking about this since the day we arrived, but we had never experienced it before. The cops were set up as people entered the town from both sides. They pulled every car over and gave the driver a breath test. Dan passed, but the driver 3 cars ahead of us did not. He was sitting on the curb waiting to be taken away, I assume. Next time, Dan said he will encourage the cop to test me, too, just for good measure.



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