Monday trip to Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay

On Monday, we ventured further north to Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay. We were celebrating Dan’s birthday by doing what Dan loves the most: swimming in the ocean. On the way, however, we stopped in the town of Gympie so Dan could make a visit for work. While he was working, I sat at a park, walked around some ponds, avoided the thousands of birds that were nesting in the trees, and tried grading a paper or two. When Dan picked me up, we headed up through the Great Sandy National Park to the beach.

Rainbow Beach gets its name from the sand dunes that collect multicoloured sand just east of the town. And these dunes are huge. We could see them from the beach. We spent a couple hours swimming and sunning, as usual. Then we headed back through the national park for Tin Can Bay. This town is small, quaint, and pretty quiet. We had a lunch of fish and chips, and then we headed back to Brisbane.

We were talking on the way home (in between listening to This American Life and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me podcasts) and I mentioned that we both now had spring and summer birthdays instead of fall and winter birthdays. Odd.

Things I learned on this trip:

  1. Start looking for petrol before you see that it’s close to E
  2. Always get ice cream at the petrol station – you won’t regret it
  3. Bring cash when heading out for lunch in a small town
  4. Bring a book to the beach even when you think you won’t want to read
  5. Always wear a large sun hat on the beach so you can read if you want to
  6. Beware of wild horses (and kangaroos, of course,) when driving down the road



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