Monday Trip to Coolum

The beach at Coolum

Yes, we’ve been here before, and, to be honest, it’s hard to find new places to visit when Dan clearly prefers going to the beach. There are a million places we could go, but we always seem to end up at the beach, which, I guess, is okay.

This trip was fairly uneventful. We arrived around noon, swam a little, sunned a little, read a little, and packed up to head home around 2:30. The beach was busy. High schoolers arrived when school got out to swim and kick an Aussie rules ball around. An elderly man was fishing on the beach, and I watched him catch a small one and then put it in his bucket to take home. Surfers were surfing just past where the swimmers were jumping waves.

While we were swimming, though, something interesting happened. No, Dan didn’t get stung by a jelly fish (although he has seen them while swimming and had them graze his shoulder – no sting). I had just gotten in the water, and so we were standing in the waves talking. Then on the next breeze in from the sea, hundreds of butterflies came floating in on the wind. And they kept coming. We watched them for a couple minutes, baffled. Some were flying/floating sideways because of the strength of the wind. Just being able to see this happen made me happy we chose the beach again.



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