Monday Trip to Moffat Beach

It wasn’t really Monday. It was Tuesday. We decided to move the trip to Tuesday so I could finish reading rough drafts. So I spent Monday tied to my computer and my coffee pot. But it was well worth it because on Tuesday morning after my office hours I was completely caught up on grading. I had nothing to grade. NOTHING! If you are a teacher, you know how disorienting this feels. I can only imagine what it would feel like if I was always on top of my grading and always graded everything that was sitting in the drop box. I mean, I wish I could be like that, but I just can’t.

We’ve been to Moffat before, but it was a dark and rainy day (it was still winter). This time the sky was bluer, the water was warmer, and the waves were slow which allowed them to lazily build before crashing on the shore – perfect for the dozens of surfers out in the water. Dan swam for a little while and then we walked from one end of the beach to the other and climbed on all the rocks on the shore. We ended up on the south end of the beach, propped up on big rocks, watching surfers and reading.

We had originally contemplated taking the train into the city to go to the botanical gardens, but we decided we really didn’t want to head in to the CBD. A part of me wishes we had because then we could have been a part of this. The masks are creepy but awesome. Just wait until the G-20 summit next November – things will definitely get interesting around here then.



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