Teaching from the future

the future tweet

Back in August, I had to force myself to start prepping for my fall term classes. It was hard. It’s always hard. I always wait until the week before to begin. That hasn’t changed. This time, however, it was a bit more tricky. Since I am currently 15 hours ahead of my students (and that will change come daylight savings in the US – there isn’t daylight savings in Queensland), I am always counting backwards to figure out when things would actually be due.  And I plan my office hours that way, too. I hold online office hours during the evening for them but during the morning of the next day for me.

I’m amused by what I’ve noticed about holding only online office hours: they haven’t changed one bit from when I was also holding face-to-face office hours.

Here’s a side by side comparison:office hours side by side

Office hours have always puzzled me. I understand why they are necessary, but they have always looked like this. Who are they really serving? Not the group they are intended for, I think.

Oh well. If you see me on FB chat or GChat, know that I’m doing my office hours and feel free to chat me up. Not getting to go to a real office away from my house gets me a little weird. I miss not being able to physically talk to people, and I’d love to chat with you.



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