Alternate View

The photos I post here make me feel a bit guilty.

Yes, I now live in a place that is heralded as paradise. Yes, there are palm trees in my yard. Yes, the ocean is within 15-20 minutes of my house. Yes, the views from hills/mountains/tall buildings are impressive. And the people are nice and the food is good and the world is big and amazing.

But it’s not everything I see.

Like most people, I tend to provide you with a filtered reality (sometimes literally). I show you the good pictures, the pretty pictures, the wow pictures.

Lately I’ve been thinking that I should start taking pictures of the reality. Like I need a second Instagram account or a photo album on Facebook or just a new tag here on the blog for those pictures that show the alternate view of life here in Brisbane.

This is what you would see if I took those pictures.

Picture #1: The loooong line at the Post on a day when I had groceries in the car and the temperature was about 33 degrees and all I needed to do was buy more international stamps.

Picture #2: The broken beer bottles on the footpath as I walked from the house to the grocery.

Picture #3: The guy at the library today who was not wearing shoes (many people do not wear shoes here) and was hassling the librarian.

Picture #4: The mother/father screaming at her/his screaming child at the mall every time I go to the mall

Picture #5: The lawn in front of the vacant house on the corner of our street in desperate need of a mow

Picture #6: Graffiti (on walls, on fences, benches)

Picture #7: The blue haired girl at the Apple store in Chermside who told me, with complete certainty, that my iPhone would not work in Australia and, therefore, she could not replace it in order to fix the sleep button. (It works here, by the way, and it’s still under warranty, so I may have to make an appointment and try to deal with them again – ugh)

Picture #8: The fathers/mothers swearing/yelling at their children as they walk them down our street on the way home from school

Picture #9: The dead roach found on the steps upstairs the day after the bug guy came and sprayed

If I start posting those pictures, too, it might be a downer. You’ve been warned.



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