Now that it’s October


Now that it’s October, I’m beginning to miss the change of season from summer to fall. I’ve always loved fall – those cool evenings, football season, the bright orange and red and yellow leaves, the corn and bean fields changing from lush green to gold.  And even though I’m not really a “pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks” type of person, I could really go for one right about now. I’ve been thinking about fall on days like today when the temperature approaches 35, and I pull the shades to keep the house cooler during the day.

Today is Labour Day, a public holiday, so everything was closed. This means that we didn’t take a Monday trip today because everyone and their brother would be on the beach – we’ll go on Tuesday instead.

I also want to go to the shops tomorrow to see if what people have told me is true about pumpkins.

IMG_9300I’ve been told that canned pumpkin doesn’t exist here. And really that doesn’t surprise me. Some things just don’t.

For example, we had a small dinner party the other night, and I decided to make fajitas. I went to the shops to get everything I would need: tomato, peppers, red onion, jalapeño, tortillas, cilantro, chicken, lettuce…you get the idea. One of the people coming over for dinner is vegetarian, so I wanted to make sure that I had some kind of higher protein for him to eat since he wouldn’t be putting chicken on his tortilla. I had decided to get some black beans since I knew I wouldn’t mind having some leftover. So I started in the international foods section where the other Tex-Mex stuff is. There were refried beans, salsas, hard shells….no black beans. So I went a couple aisles down to the canned vegetables section. I found kidney beans, butter beans, green beans….no black beans. “Okay, where else could they be?” I asked myself. “Ah, the soups section where they have dry beans,” I thought. So I found that aisles and looked on the shelves. I found more kidney beans, red lentils, orange lentils, green lentils, and other mystery beans….no black beans. I came home bean-less. Later that night at dinner, I asked if black beans exist here, and I was told no.

So tomorrow I want to see if pumpkin is really in that category of Missing from Australia like black beans, Fritos, and half and half. No worries, if that’s the case. There’s lots and lots of squash, which is actually sold as pumpkin, so I guess in a pinch I could use that for make a really good pumpkin pie cupcake recipe I just saw the other day.

In this whole scenario, I do come out the winner. I can live without pumpkin, Fritos, black beans, and half and half. Especially when I have Tim Tams.  Everything’s okay when you have Tim Tams.



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