Early Christmas

Last Thursday was like Christmas. No, it didn’t snow here; it never snows here. In fact, it was probably 32 degrees (89.6 F) that day. It felt like Christmas because all of the stuff we packed up and shipped in early June was delivered that day. 3 1/2 months to transport 16 items/boxes from Waterloo, Iowa, to Brisbane, Queensland doesn’t seem so bad in retrospect. I had been imagining that our stuff wouldn’t arrive until December because the company I used said it could take up to 8 months.

What was in those 16 boxes?

Nothing I couldn’t live without. We shipped one shelf, Dan’s guitar, 4 boxes of books (almost all were Dan’s – I got rid of nearly all of my books before we moved), framed pictures, 3 boxes of clothes (most of which I can’t wear until next winter), a ton of pottery that I’ve been collecting for the past 10 years, some crafting stuff, a box of Manchester, and a box of kitchen stuff like my favourite wooden spoons, some knives, a Le Creuset baking dish, and baking supplies.

We unpacked it all by the end of that evening. Easy and fun! It was really interesting to see what I had chosen to keep because really I didn’t remember most of it. Yes, there are some things now that I wish I wouldn’t have gotten rid of, but that probably won’t last that long. It’s all just stuff anyway. And I really don’t want to accumulate as much as we had. It’s just easier and simpler that way.



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