Monday Trip to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland (Mapleton, Montville, and Maleny)

This Monday’s trip took us to three quaint towns in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. All three towns are at much higher elevations than our suburb, which meant that we were able to see the Glass Mountains in the distance. And even though it was a rather hazy day, the views were spectacular.

These three towns remind me of towns I’ve visited in Utah and Colorado – they exist primarily because of tourism and, as especially was the case with Maleny, they are filled with lots of organic restaurants, health co-ops, and holistic shops. As we drove through the winding roads to get from town to town, I did note that there were quite a few national parks in these areas, as well, which means that I definitely want to go back to check those out (we didn’t have the opportunity to see those this time because we were making this trip with some friends of the church who really wanted to show us these towns and not necessarily the parks).

I’m adding it to the list of places I want to take people when they make the long trip to visit.



One thought on “Monday Trip to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland (Mapleton, Montville, and Maleny)

  1. Hey again Carrie,
    So glad you and Terry have touched base. We loved hearing from you. I read every word of your blog and enjoyed it sooo much. Vicarious adventure is such a bonus in life. I’m thrilled that you are seeing the world down under and reporting on the experience. How long will you be there?
    Warm regards again,

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