Monday Trip to Redcliffe – two weeks after the fact

redcliffe map

I wish I could say that I took more pictures when we took our Monday trip to Redcliffe, but in all honesty I didn’t see that much to photograph. Redcliffe is located on a peninsula about 10 minutes from where I live in Kallangur.

That peninsula pokes out into Morton Bay, and, therefore, there are beaches on all sides. However, these beaches feel like lake beaches: rockier sand, few waves, cloudier waters.

Beach at Redcliffe

We spent the day sitting on the beach reading, which was perfectly fine (although Dan prefers to swim and this was not the type of beach you really want to be swimming at).
sushi lunch in Redcliffe

One of the highlights of this trip was a visit to a little sushi place in Redcliffe that was quite popular.

Based on the line that wrapped around the building and down the block, next time we will have to check out the fish market in Scarborough on the north side of the penninsula.


*I should have posted this on 9 September when we actually went to Redcliffe, but I got a little sidetracked by a stack of grading (meaning I had some grading to do and a post to make, so instead I did anything and everything I could to avoid posting and grading. My house was very clean that week).


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