A Two Doona Night

I have to keep reminding myself it’s winter here because this truly is “The Sunshine State” (sorry, Florida, but Queensland has appropriated the title for herself, and she’s doing a pretty good job with it). We’ve been here for nearly 60 days and I could count the number of rainy or cloudy or terrible days on one hand, and those days weren’t even that terrible.  It may have rained briefly or been cloudy or been around 17 degrees (64 degrees for you Fahrenheit people), but those things are pretty trivial in comparison to the images of my last winter in Iowa.  Here’s a picture for comparison:

IMG_1125I took this picture on my drive home from work one day. It was bitterly cold, windy, and gloomy. I think the roads were icy, as well.

Now take a look at a picture of what was probably the gloomiest, coldest day from my Australian winter:

Moffat Beach

Moffat Beach

That day was cold (I wore jeans, a t-shirt, and a jumper – I may even have worn socks!), but gone are the days of winter coats, snow, slush, ice, driving through snow and slush and ice, mittens, and scarves.

I am kind of sad about that, really. I like winter in the upper midwest. I like snow (and snow days). I like hoar-frost and icicles and brisk weather. And not just the viewing it from the comforts of a climate controlled home.

If it’s any consolation, the last couple nights have been downright chilly. I’ve spent my days in shorts and t-shirts only to being piling on the layers once the sun sets. I add socks, then slippers, then change into jeans, then add a jumper and sometimes  scarf.  When I head for bed, I heat up a rice bag, wrap a blanket around my shoulders, pull the doona up, and attempt to read for a bit.

Last night, however, I couldn’t handle the cold. I had my rice bag, blanket, sweat pants, and doona tucked around me but it wasn’t enough. After a couple of minutes, I had to go into the other bedroom, grab the single doona off the bed, and add it to mine. It was definitely a two doona night.  I find this particularly amusing when I consider that all of my friends and family have probably been cranking up the air con and trying to stay cool. Don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll be complaining about the weather much more when summer comes in December and I’m trying to celebrate Christmas in the heat and humidity.



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