Friday Night Dinners

One of the best things about our new locale has to be the Friday night dinner. When we first arrived in Australia our house wasn’t quite ready yet, so we stayed with a family from church. These wonderful people opened their home to us, fed us, and showed us around for the better part of a week. They have three beautiful daughters who are so kind, helpful, and fun (they could have just been on their best behaviour while we were there but I absolutely adore them!).

While we were staying with them, they told us that every Friday night they fire up the barbecue and cook burgers (which is actually never hamburger – instead we’ve had chicken, steak, pork, lamb, and even kangaroo). They also said that we were always welcome to join them on Friday nights, and so we have. 

Their hospitality is overwhelming, so I’ve tried to bring dessert each Friday night. I’ve brought chocolate chip cookies, a strawberry cake, chocolate chip cookie bars, and, for tonight, chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.


I used the Smitten Kitchen recipe here, but added two whole eggs instead of one egg and a yolk. And then I watched this Martha Stewart video on how to make an ice cream sandwich, even though I probably didn’t really need the instruction – it seems pretty obvious.

And here was my end result. Can’t wait to share it at dinner tonight!



One thought on “Friday Night Dinners

  1. You picked up the Brit spellings so quickly–as in behaviour for behavior. You are such a chameleon. Or is that chameleoun to you now? Has anyone caught that Canadian accent of yours yet? 🙂

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