Grey Hair

The other day I said to my husband, “You have quite a bit more grey hair than you did before we moved to Australia.” And then I looked in the mirror and saw that the same could be said for me, too.

I remember the day I discovered that I had grey hair.  And to be honest, these hairs really aren’t grey; they’re white. Bright white.) Two days before my 30th birthday, I looked in the mirror and saw one long, silvery hair on top of my head. My heart skipped a beat. Was it a trick of the light? I pulled it. I inspected it. This was no trick. The hair I had pulled was completely white. I was so horrified that I taped it to the fridge to show my husband when he got home.  And when he arrived, I held it up to his face and said, “LOOK!” His eyes adjusted to this strand and he asked, “What am I looking at?” I explained my discovery, the horror registering on my own face and in my voice. He was not horrified. He calmly explained that there were probably others that I just couldn’t see. “What?!?”

There were others that I couldn’t see, and that was fine with me eventually. I didn’t see them, which meant that I could pretend that they didn’t exist. But now when I look in the mirror, I can see that they have crept forward.  These white hairs are no longer hiding on the back of my head. They have taken up residence above my ears and in my bangs. I flat out refuse to look on top of my head because I have a bad feeling that they have multiplied there, as well.

I blame stress.

Moving approximately 9000 miles (14000 kilometers) away from where I had been living for the past 8 years has done a number on my stress levels.  Not only was the moving, packing, selling, saying goodbye part stressful, but learning to live in a new country and take care of the basic necessities of life (banking, shopping, driving on the left side of the road, buying a car, navigating a new city, mobile phone purchasing, visa application) gives new meaning to stress. I could list a number of challenges we’ve faced since we’ve arrived below, but almost all have resolved themselves at this point, and, therefore, I am not going to let them stress me out any more.

Instead I’ll pour myself a cuppa and read a couple chapters in my book.



One thought on “Grey Hair

  1. Good on ya! Unless you want to do the dye job, they are going to multiply! As the stress lessens, so will the grey hair production.

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